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Pursuant to Section 10 of the Privacy Policy, we would like to inform our Mystery shoppers that we have changed our Privacy Policy. As now stated in Section 4, GfK may share the Mystery shoppers’ personal and other information with third parties in connection with the sale, assignment or transfer of GfK business. Please see attached the revised Privacy Policy.

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Why should you mystery shop?

Have you ever left a store feeling delighted by a member of staff who was particularly helpful, or discouraged by poor service? How do these experiences influence your decisions to return to the store? Companies understand that good customer service ensures that customers will return, but how do they know what level of service their in-store staff is providing?

As a mystery shopper you have the ability to observe and rate the service you encounter while shopping or receiving service-and you get paid for your feedback. Your objective feedback is used by our clients to measure the customer service that consumers encounter in their stores.

Mystery Shopping reports help companies target the millions of dollars spent on staff training; ensuring staff are providing excellent service as well as meeting required guidelines and sometimes even following the letter of the law.

As part of the GfK Mystery Shopping database you will be contributing to improving customer service across North America, making shopping a better experience, and earning money.

Shoppers? Apply today to become a Mystery Shopper.

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