The GfK Difference

What makes GfK different from other Mystery Shopping companies?


Through your personal GfK Mystery Shopping job board, you will be able to self-assign shops you are interested in completing. Shops will be offered to you based on your location, rating, and profile via email notification and job board postings.

Shopper Bill of Rights

GfK recognizes that shoppers are our greatest asset in helping us meet and exceed client expectations, and so we commit ourselves to advocating the GfK Shopper Bill of Rights.


GfK pays shoppers exclusively via PayPal. Payments are made approximately two to three weeks after your shop report is completely entered on the shopper website. After a payment is deposited into your PayPal account, you will receive an automated email with the total payment amount. You will not be charged to receive your payment from GfK.

Independent Contractor

Our Mystery Shopper panel is composed of Independent Contractors. Independent Contractors are not employees of GfK. As an IC, you pledge that all data you provide is accurate and truthful. In return, GfK shall pay you a fee to be mutually agreed upon prior to the performance of each mystery shopping project.

Shops can only be done by the shopper it is assigned to. Sharing shops with friends, relatives, or other shoppers is in violation of the Independent Contractors Agreement (ICA).


At GfK, we take your privacy seriously. We will not distribute your information to any 3rd party, and we will keep your personal details in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Program Guidelines

The Guidelines will provide you with specific shop details to complete a shop successfully. You will be required to pass a guidelines quiz for each shop to ensure that you have read and understand the document.


Our clients have high standards and expect the best. Consequently, we expect high quality, timely and accurate results from you. Deadlines can be short and scenarios complex and detailed. You will need to follow instructions, think quickly, and never reveal you are a mystery shopper.

Shop reports must be submitted within 12 hours of shop completion. Late data entry will result in penalties on a shopper’s rating. Report inconsistencies will be clarified via email. Shoppers are expected to hold onto completed paper questionnaires and store materials collected for 60 days post visit to assist in resolving any inconsistencies.

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